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World Celiac Disease Day

World Celiac Disease Day – If you are going to start or are training, it is always important that you have a medical exam to help adapt the intensity of the training to your physical condition, in addition to following a diet plan that adapts to your energy and nutrient requirements, especially if you cannot consume certain nutrients such as gluten in celiac disease.

World Celiac Disease Day

The problem in celiac disease is that the most common source of slow-absorbing carbohydrates are products derived from wheat. The foods that are “prohibited” for them are cereals: WHEAT-OATS-BARLEY-RYE “TACC”. Consumption of this food group will be restricted and will have to be replaced by cereals such as: rice, corn flour (polenta), vegetables such as: potato and sweet potato, seeds such as: quinoa, flax, amaranth, millet, as well Buckwheat, which does not contain gluten in its composition, and soy can also be consumed. Flours can be obtained from these foods, with which different “mixtures” are made so that preparations with great palatability and flavor can be made. slotonline

In the case of practicing a sport, a person with celiac disease can do whatever is proposed as long as they keep in mind the type of diet and with the help of a health professional (doctor or nutritionist) can adapt it to their training.

Having gluten-free supplements, favors and greatly facilitates physical activity. Both in recovery, as well as before and during training, since digestion is easier and assimilation much faster than if we ate food such as fruits or protein from meat or egg white.

At GENTECHLAB, we think of all the people who want to train, who are athletes and need to supplement their GLUTEN FREE diet. That is why all our products are endorsed and certified WITHOUT TACC, free of toxic prolamins, so that they can consume them in peace and choose us when incorporating supplements into their diet.

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