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Drinkable Collagen, The Latest Beauty Trend Among the Famous

Drinkable Collagen, The Latest Beauty Trend Among the Famous – Celebrities love practicality and what better than to take a sip of a potion to feel instantly more beautiful. Snow White’s wicked witch dream long ago was a fact in Hollywood. What are we talking about? of drinkable juices in powder, with liquid serum (hydrolyzed collagen), which enclose the elixir of beauty and youth … not eternal, of course.

The beauty boom is drinkable collagen, although it is not the only substance that can be drunk to bring beauty from within. idn slot

Drinkable Collagen, The Latest Beauty Trend Among the Famous

Collagen is responsible for the thickness, firmness and elasticity of the skin. This is lost over time and causes wrinkles to form and a less smooth, fresh and luminous appearance, naturally associated with youth. The reason for this is because this protein determines how the skin looks, but its production decreases with age. The doses are capable of adding up what the body does not produce or produces to a lesser extent. The indicated frequency to consume these ampoules can vary between once a day or once a month. A wonder of science.

If this is not a natural trick to avoid the OR, what is it!? The famous uploads to this trend are, of course, many, but those who never forget to carry it in their wallet are never Madonna, Sienna Miller, Cameron Díaz, Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. With these ampoules they increase the natural supply of collagen almost immediately and can look not only smooth and beautiful skin but also strong nails, more elastic and shiny hair and, of course, avoid wrinkles on the face, neckline and neck.

But nutricosmetics have been around for a long time. The concept points to everything that includes dietary supplement with ingredients that promote beauty. They can be capsules, ampoules, tablets, powders, tablets, etc. Care is from the inside out. In 2004, some stars began to reveal that what kept them beautiful were antioxidant-laden capsules. One of the first to confess it was Madonna, which sparked a worldwide trend. All the figures on the red carpet began to include them in their beauty routines and today it is an open secret. Currently, those of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which serve to hydrate the skin from the inside, are the most requested.

Its origin is North American, but it has already spread to almost all countries. “Healthy aging is increasingly in vogue here, in Europe and in the United States. Of course, it must be clear that they delay a situation and that they are effective to a certain extent, but they are complements to all other cosmetic treatments, they do not replace them, “Irene Bermejo told LA NACION, from the Argentine Dermatological Association.

Our country has already joined this trend, the Gentech company (recognized for its protein products) developing the Beauty line, under the name of Collagen, (collagen, resveratrol and Q10).

Of course, they are no longer high-end treatments, they have exclusive technology, but it is undeniable that beauty drinks are all the rage within the natural, healthy and non-invasive beauty industry. What do you think of this aesthetic ritual? Eccentric fashion or smart beauty?