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Common Mistakes in Weight Training

Common Mistakes in Weight Training – Here are the common mistakes in weight training.

1. Cheating

If you heard correctly, when working with weights you can do many traps when it comes to lifting weights, and that will not help us to achieve a goal, and perhaps it will help us a lot to get an injury. Traps I mean, for example, when I’m doing bench press and I can’t take it anymore, I arch my lower back. The only thing I can achieve with this is that the chest works less and the lower back more, something for which exercise is not indicated and can end in injury. bet88

Common Mistakes in Weight Training

2. Not respecting the breaks

This is done by almost 100% of novice people who start their work with weights, and 80% of people who have been training for a long time. And it is that for each type of training we must respect minimum and maximum breaks so that the exercise really manages to have a logic and thanks to this we manage to improve.

3. Do not carry a training that has progression

If we carry out a linear routine we will never improve. Workouts have to be progressive, from less to more, starting with less intensity and volume, to increase it, and therefore, improving.

4. To think that I am a machine

This happens a lot, when we change our routine we need a previous adaptation, which must go little by little and we do not have to think that since we have been training for a long time we do not need it. Lie. If you need it. All we need.

5. Do not control the technique

This is undoubtedly the most important thing when it comes to exercising. Whenever we go to do a new exercise we have to do it with a moderate weight until we manage to learn how to do it well, do not take it as something embarrassing because it is not, it is completely necessary. Don’t you want to get injured? Well, control the technique.