Protein Dessert for The Summer

Protein Dessert for The Summer

Protein Dessert for The Summer – This summer comes very hot, and with all the flavor. So we start the week with a super light yogurt and strawberry dessert. Let’s cook!

Protein Dessert for The Summer


– “Firm” low-fat yogurt (vanilla or strawberry) 500gr. slot indonesia

– WHEY PROTEIN 7900 or PREMIUM (flavor of choice) 1/2 flake.

– Vanilla 6 units (you can more quantity depends on the mold).

– Strawberries 250gr.

– Sweetener (necessary quantity, it is for strawberries).


I chose the mold or large glasses that you like the most!

1) – Mix little by little to integrate the skimmed yogurt well with the ½ flake of WHEY PROTEIN 7900 or PREMIUM.

2) – Crush the vanilla and cut the strawberries into slices (previously well washed). You can add a little powdered sweetener if they are acidic.

3) – Place in the selected container: a layer of yogurt, then a layer of the sliced strawberries and finish with a layer of crushed vanilla. This is repeated until the container is complete. TIP: you can add a little bit of dark chocolate striped on top!

4) – Put it in the freezer until it hardens and remove it for a while before serving.

Recipe: by Lucía Díaz García. Nutritionist.

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