About Us

About Us

About Us – For more than 16 years we have been offering a wide line of nutritional supplements to improve sports performance, health and aesthetics, exceeding all quality standards and guaranteeing free doping over our entire line of products.

The recognition of our brand in the Nutritional Supplementation market is sustained by our main clients, with around 80% of the first division soccer clubs and Olympic athletes from various disciplines and different Rugby clubs. slot online

About Us

We consider that currently the pace of life is dizzying and the demands are increasing and therefore, the use of supplementation is not only essential to enhance sports performance but also to improve the quality of life through the different uses of our product.

We develop dietary and personal care supplements that respond to consumers’ balanced nutrition needs.

Each of the Gentech Lab products is tested to the highest quality standards, and is produced and labeled in accordance with regulatory standards in our markets.

Energy Components:

They cover the expenditure of calories during the effort: sugars, fats and, in a small proportion, proteins.

Structural Components:

It provides the “building blocks” to build the body: proteins or their amino acids, fats and in a small proportion, sugars.

Metabolic Components:

They participate in the different processes of cellular life: proteins, vitamins, minerals and, in a small proportion, fats and sugars.


Our laboratory is a place equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and with highly trained personnel. We have all the necessary means to carry out research, experiments, practices and scientific work.

Nutritional Supplementation

Nutritional supplementation is the consumption of natural nutrients, but in an optimal amount and at a maximum absorption rate, that produce hormonal and biochemical effects suitable for better adaptation to sports training. Food supplements increase the effects sought by training and decrease unwanted ones.

Gentech offers a wide line of nutritional supplements to contribute to achieving the goals of a balanced diet:

  • Meet our energy needs.
  • The maintenance and growth of our body structures.
  • Regulation of vital processes for the proper functioning of the body.

When we eat food, that is, when we eat, we not only satisfy our appetite and enjoy it, but we are providing our body with the nutrients it needs for a healthy life.

Nutrients are substances that the human body requires to carry out different functions and that it can only acquire through food or dietary supplements.

Everyday activities demand a daily energy expenditure. Getting up, moving to school or to the workplace, going to the gym, attending meetings, preparing your food, taking care of your children, and many other tasks demand a wear and tear on your body condition that you must replace to ensure a healthy life .

Gentech products help take care of you!